10+ Best CRM Software For Small Business

Is your company in need of a reliable customer relationship management system? In order to concentrate on expanding your business rather than managing current and potential clients, you should use customer relationship management software.

But what exactly is a customer relationship management system, what features should you look for in a CRM program, and how do you go about choosing the best one?

Thankfully, we are here to lend a hand. Read on to learn how customer relationship management systems can benefit your business and how to pick the best one for your needs.

In addition, we provide information on the 12 top CRM tools for small businesses to help you get started.

But before we dive into the list, let's define customer relationship management software and discuss how to choose the best one for your company.

How Do I Find the Best Customer Relationship Management Program?

Software designed specifically for managing relationships with customers is called customer relationship management (CRM). CRM programs can do everything from keeping track of contact details to sending out emails and keeping tabs on customer satisfaction. And you can accomplish everything without ever having to leave the CRM system itself!

Manual procedures become time-consuming and expensive as your company expands. Losing customers and sales could result if you're not careful.

In order to ensure that all departments within your company are on the same page, it is essential to implement a customer relationship management system tailored specifically for small businesses.

Knowing what to look for in the best CRM software is crucial because there are so many CRM software companies. Here are some things to keep in mind:

User-Friendliness: You'll be relying on your CRM program frequently. It's your future home. Unless it's simple to employ, nobody will bother with it. And that will get in the way of your success.

A cloud-based customer relationship management system (CRM) will allow your team to access client information in real-time from any location, boosting efficiency. Sixty-five percent of businesses using CRMs that are compatible with mobile devices met or exceeded their sales quotas, according to a study by Nucleus Research.

Sales teams cannot function without a proper sales funnel management system. Contacts must be followed from their initial "just browsing" state to their eventual "brand evangelist" status.

Given your requirements, let's examine some of the best CRM options for small businesses.

The Top Customer Relationship Management Tools for a Growing Company

One thing to keep in mind before we dive into the best CRM software for small businesses is that in order to use such a tool, you must have actual customers to manage.

With that in mind, let's get into our breakdown of the top customer relationship management tools for SMBs.

1. Drip

Drip is not only the best CRM for online retailers but also an excellent choice for startups. It's perfect for any company because it's flexible, powerful, and simple to use.

Incredibly simple automation workflow and email campaign creation is made possible by this CRM. You can even select between a visual and text editor when making your email. And it's not hard to pick either one.

The list of features provided by Drip is extensive and includes conversion tracking, content personalization, marketing based on the recipient's intent to buy, and more. Everything you need to know about your customers' experiences can be tracked and analyzed using tags, events, and custom fields.

As a result, it is a highly effective tool for managing your contacts and generating revenue from your customer base.

It can increase your profits by helping you find new customers, keep in touch with existing ones, and find new ones.

Drip's many features include marketing automation, advanced contact management, actionable reports, email campaigns, one-on-one conversations, eCommerce user tracking, and much more.

Drip is compatible with virtually every popular third-party service, including your existing email provider, your lead generation tool, your e-commerce platform (WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.), and many more. Lead generation processes on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram exist as well.


  • Workflows in marketing automation
  • Tags, bespoke fields, and actions make for sophisticated contact management.
  • Built-in support for many third-party apps
  • Results-oriented reports
  • Email list segmentation made simple
  • Individualization of content
  • Customers' Online Movements Can Be Monitored
  • In-house Conversion Tracking
  • Promoting products to people who already intend to buy them
  • Revenue is credited automatically


Unlimited email sending, storage for up to 2500 contacts, and live chat/email support are all included in the starting $49/month plan. Drip has a free trial period of 14 days.

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an effective email marketing service that also includes all the tools necessary to function as a full customer relationship management system.

Sendinblue is an excellent choice for businesses of any size due to its free basic plan and paid tiers that can be accessed as needed. Email marketing, transactional emails for online stores, automations, intelligent segmentation, and more are just some of the services they provide.

They have SMS marketing and chat, unlike many CRMs. A quick increase in sales and participation can be seen immediately with the help of SMS marketing. You can have instantaneous conversations with leads and customers with their live chat solution.

You can get up and running quickly with Sendinblue's top-notch support team and comprehensive documentation.


  • Identifying subgroups and tailoring experiences with relative ease
  • Excellent marketing automation tools
  • Confirmed delivery of transactional emails
  • Create landing pages and signup forms
  • Retargeting and Facebook ads are a breeze.
  • Analysis that is both in-depth and useful
  • Optimizing transmission times in real time
  • Experiments with two variants (A/B)
  • Promotional Methods Using Text Messages and Real-Time Messaging


There is no cost to get started. Right now, you can try Sendinblue without spending a dime.

3. HubSpot

Simply put, HubSpot is the best customer relationship management (CRM) system for startups and other small businesses on a tight budget. It's an excellent tool for keeping track of potential customers and generating new ones.

HubSpot is an intuitive CRM that provides numerous options for handling the customer life cycle. All of their CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs are available in permanently free tiers, albeit with a number of features disabled.

The CRM has a sleek user interface that displays your entire sales pipeline in one convenient location. All contact and sales activity, detailed reports, and performance can be viewed on a user or team basis, which is useful if you're curious about such things (and who isn't?).

A savvy marketer can make your emails work like salespeople right away, which will boost your revenue.

The features offered by HubSpot include an app for both the iPhone and Android, pre-made email templates, push notifications, email tracking, appointment scheduling, and more.

WordPress, email marketing services, lead generation tools like OptinMonster, and many more are just some of the more than 300 apps and services that it is compatible with. HubSpot also integrates with Gmail and Outlook, so all of your email communications are recorded automatically.


  • Edit your lead and customer email sequences to make them more personalized.
  • Make calls directly from the CRM system.
  • Live updates on how your leads are behaving
  • Compatibility with industry leaders like Salesforce, Shopify, and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Keep track of as many customers, users, and contacts as you like (up to a million).
  • Connect to over 300 different programs
  • Arrange your contacts in any way you like by making use of filters you create yourself.
  • Emails, tasks, and tickets can be planned in advance.


The CRM platform itself is free, but there are paid tiers for specialized hubs like Marketing, Sales, and Service that offer more robust features (starting at $50/month). Upgrades to the Growth Suite are available for as little as $113 per month for a single user.

4. Regular Communication

Even though it's best known as an email marketing platform, Constant Contact can also serve as a customer relationship management system. Marketing automation, reporting, sales funnels, and an efficient drag-and-drop email builder are just some of the features that make this platform ideal for small businesses.

Constant Contact also has a large marketplace where you can add third-party integrations (such as eCommerce integrations), store contacts, and manage customer information. With so many options, it's simple to design a system that works perfectly for your company.


  • The Timetabler: An Email-Based Time-Management Tool
  • Simple list-splitting and -purifying tools
  • Using marketing automation, nurturing leads is a breeze
  • It's a simple drag-and-drop editor for making beautiful email newsletters.
  • More than a hundred sample emails
  • Simple compatibility with online storefronts
  • Promote your email list on Facebook and Instagram.


The Email plan starts at $20/month, but to unlock all the features that make this a simple CRM software option, you'll want to upgrade to Email Plus (starting at $45).

5. Salesflare

With the slogan "less work, more sales," Salesflare is another popular CRM option.

Because Salesflare is a customer relationship management system, it integrates with your existing marketing infrastructure and facilitates communication with your clientele. Even with limited information, you can quickly get up and running and begin increasing sales.

This program will sift through public profiles, email signatures, and other channels to find contact information for potential leads. There is no need to worry about forgetting to manually enter information because your meetings and phone calls will be recorded automatically.


  • Information about how to get in touch is culled and updated mechanically from the public domain.
  • Calls and meetings are archived so that you can stay on top of things
  • Whenever a customer and server exchange files, the former is automatically categorized and the latter is kept track of
  • An intuitive dashboard displays open sales opportunities.
  • You will receive alerts letting you know who has messaged you and through what medium.
  • Automatically generated to-do lists are a great time management tool.


When paid for a full year at once, monthly plans start at $29. After that, the monthly fee for the Pro plan increases to $49, and the monthly fee for the Enterprise plan rises to $99.

6. Zoho

Software for customer relationship management (CRM) called Zoho

Zoho is a web-based business suite that provides all the tools necessary to manage a small company. With SaaS apps and online productivity tools, you get a potent suite of marketing and sales features.

Using this user-friendly CRM software, small businesses can do a lot more than just keep track of customer information and communications.

Zoho CRM allows you to integrate with your current marketing tools, collect leads from social media, divide your website visitors into targeted groups, and provide assistance via a built-in chat feature.


  • Contact management across multiple channels (email, phone, live chat, and social media)
  • The AI-powered voice assistant for building insightful dashboards and predicting business trends
  • Management of sales leads (including lead scoring) to facilitate the prioritization and conversion of leads.
  • reports of in-depth analysis, for use in making decisions based on facts
  • Technology that can be used on the go to ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • Teamwork software and responsibilities
  • Information technology administration for watching webpages and responding to tickets
  • Protect your information with the built-in security features.


The best features of Zoho are only available in the paid plans, but the free plan is good for up to three users. These begin at $12 per user per month (billed annually).

7. Pipedrive

Customer Relationship Management System, Pipedrive

Pipedrive's simplicity and speed make it one of the most appealing customer relationship management tools available today. Their pipeline management function allows you to see the big picture of your sales process and maintain command throughout.

Your package will include not only mobile apps that allow you to access your CRM from anywhere, but also email integration, sales reporting and forecasting, and a clear, visual interface for managing your pipeline.

Although Pipedrive lacks any sort of segmentation, its simplicity makes finding leads and keeping in touch with them a breeze.


  • Sending out text messages and/or emails
  • Compatibility with other popular apps is a breeze.
  • Open Application Programming Interface
  • Support for email integrations that centralize sales communication
  • Schemas for use in electronic mail
  • Apps for both Apple's iOS and Google's Android
  • Analysis of sales trends and projections
  • Data encryption and backups for safety
  • Users can simply drag and drop various tasks as they progress through the sales funnel.


Price per user starts at $12.50 per month (billed annually).

8. Salesforce

The salesforce CRM System

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce is undoubtedly among the best options for smaller businesses. Salesforce is an intelligent marketing platform that can be used to increase sales through channels like email, SMS, social media, and digital advertising by guiding leads through a personalized customer journey.

Since Salesforce has been around for so long, it has amassed a vast library of cutting-edge tools and features suitable for handling any business need, be it sales, marketing, commerce, customer service and engagement, team productivity, or anything else.


  • Facilitated orientation
  • Create your own dashboards and reports
  • Monitor communications and scheduling automatically.
  • Help with social media and electronic mail
  • Protection on an enterprise scale with constant maintenance


Price per user for small business plans begins at $25 per month (billed annually).

9. Freshsales

The formerly popular CRM platform Freshsales has been rebranded as Freshworks and is suitable for businesses of any size. It's simple to implement and provides a sales-focused strategy with all the tools you'll need to increase revenue.

It has a fantastic dashboard that provides quick access to everything from contact management and reports to emails and phone calls. In case the user-friendly web interface wasn't enough, you can also make transactions via your mobile device.

In order to help you focus on the leads most likely to become customers, Freshsales employs AI-powered lead scoring. The 360-degree customer view allows you to see all the most important data in one place, and custom workflow automation, conversational insights, and event tracking are all possible.

It has built-in support for a handful of widely used third-party services and apps, but this support is somewhat limiting.


  • complete visibility into customer profiles across all channels of interaction
  • Lead scoring powered by AI to prioritize leads and increase sales
  • Automatic lead assignment and teaming in sales
  • Sales process represented graphically for easy drag-and-drop use
  • Connecting your business with mobile apps means you can run it from anywhere.
  • Refreshing contact information automatically
  • Convenient in-app appointment scheduling and telephonic communication


Prices begin at $12/month per user (billed annually).

10. Client Relationship Management for Google Mail

Streak CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management system that integrates with both G Suite and free Gmail accounts, allowing users to monitor sales pipelines, manage contacts, and keep tabs on incoming customer emails. This CRM app could be ideal if you already use Gmail or G Suite.

In addition to the standard contact management features, such as adding tasks and reminders, scheduling emails, creating custom pipelines/funnels, tagging and note-taking, etc., you can also automatically capture leads directly from your contacts.

Streak CRM is a flexible customer relationship management system that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements in areas such as hiring, project management, sales, and customer support, among others. The fact that it is integrated directly into Gmail makes it simple enough for anyone to use.

The user-friendly CRM software can be accessed via a browser extension or an iOS or Android app. Additionally, it allows for third-party integrations via Gmail and Zapier.


  • Keep tabs on your network using a pipeline (with custom views)
  • Collaborate on customer interactions by recording and discussing data
  • Smooth information exchange between systems
  • The use of mobile applications allows one to keep in touch, monitor calls, and take notes from any location.
  • Easy mass emailing via "mail merge"
  • Simple compatibility with a wide range of existing systems


Streak CRM offers a free, albeit basic, plan. A paid plan, starting at $49 per month per user, is recommended for businesses (billed annually).

11. A More Adaptable Approach to Customer Relationship Management

Agile CRM is a leading all-in-one customer relationship management platform. All of your customer service, marketing, and sales operations can be managed from a single interface. And it's a breeze to implement!

This customer database software provides you with a holistic perspective of your contacts as well as project management, gamification for your sales team to encourage friendly competition, events, a calendar, a timeline, and more. Access quick reports that you can then drill down into for a closer look at what's going on, in addition to the detailed reports that are available.

Agile customer relationship management systems feature one-page contact management, one-click calling, online appointment booking, and lead generation and capture software. As an added bonus, you can make newsletters, landing pages, and send out emails.

To top it all off, Agile CRM has a number of service features, such as a helpdesk, a ticketing system, and more.

Their sales-specific features include, but are not limited to, centralized contact management, deal tracking, one-click calling, voicemail automation, appointment scheduling, and project management. Marketing tools like landing page creation, email tracking, and a social media suite are also available. Some of the features of the service are a ticketing system and a help desk.


  • Manage all of your contacts on one simple page.
  • Automated voicemail, call scripts, and one-click dialing all come standard.
  • Automated marketing processes that span the board (create landing pages and web forms)
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface for managing and creating multichannel campaigns
  • Powerful new methods for tracking and reporting leads
  • Interactions with other users are possible through in-app chat windows


Agile CRM has a free, albeit restricted, version. Plans with additional features start at $9.99/month/user (billed annually). Prepaying for two years at once earns you a discount.

12. Keap

Keap is an effective customer relationship management (CRM) and advertising platform. Its sole purpose is to aid in filtering out distractions so that more time and energy can be devoted to closing more deals.

Keap has been in the business for over 20 years, and in some cases, you can't beat first-hand knowledge. There are automation tools built into this program that will aid in the following ways:

  • Find more potential leads
  • Bring in more buyers
  • Expand your base of supporters.

As a user-friendly customer relationship management system, it appeals to entrepreneurs who might not otherwise use such a tool because of their lack of confidence in their own technological abilities.

On top of that, Keap provides a plethora of pre-made email templates, allowing you to save time and make more effective use of it when reaching out to potential customers. Not only will you be kept up-to-date on the progress of leads, but you'll also be reminded to follow up with them so you can move them along the sales funnel.


  • Simple interface and control panel
  • Plug-ins for popular email services such as Gmail and Outlook
  • Monitoring your email traffic allows you to improve your marketing efforts.
  • Systematized method of contacting prospective customers
  • Time is saved by using prewritten emails.
  • New lead information can be gathered with the help of internal forms.
  • The cheapest monthly payment is $79 per month, and that gets you support for up to 500 contacts.

And on that note, I'll sign off for now. Here are the top 12 customer relationship management tools for small businesses.

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